• kris
    April 23rd

    New stuff from Jibs and Phillip Williams with a bit of different style than they usually roll with. Lots or weird creative type stuff in here and a dope ass bank to barrier double ped to fakie. Shits sick. Dig all the wall clips at the end too especially that little tire tap footyplant. Peep.



    March 31st

    Phillip is back on a big bike these days and putting in some work. He switched up his style a bit in this looking for some fresh ideas. Dig that 180 up onto that extension and that stall to fakir on it was dope too.


    January 5th

    Phillip hit me up yesterday and said he still had a bunch of stuff from when he was riding fgfs and it’d be out in a day or so. Looks like he had a ton of stuff…enough to entertain us for 5 plus minutes. Lots if good stuff in this and its sick to see some creativity in there. That park woth bank to wall looks so damn fun. Dig this.

    September 20th

    Sooo I’ve been super busy with Interbike the past couple days but I need to get up this new series. I’ve been holding on to a lot of footage for the new lockedcog series for a bit so I’m really stoked to get this out. Originally I was waiting to release this for the new site but we’re still a couple weeks out on that so here it is. Every other Thursday I’ll have fresh submissions for this from riders around the globe. First up is Phillip Williams with some solid stuff. This is all from before his new project started up but it is still super good. B9g ups to Kevin for the tunes and helping with editing on this. This first episode is longer than the future pieces which will be 30 seconds long at 3:30 every thusday. Just too much good stuff in this one to not keep it all. Stoked on this for sure!

    September 14th

    A little piece from Phil Will for the Machete contest as well. Pretty cool to see his style change with this new project. Dope spots as usual. More on Sesh Kult!

    September 7th

    Phil Will changing it up once again and rolling on 7 hundos again. I’ve been thinking about putting mine back on again and this just might motivate me to do it. Its been a while but I do miss how smooth some tricks felt with the bigger wheels. Some good stuff in here including a cool footy wallride which are always fun among other bits.

    August 26th

    The mysterious Great Black has stepped into the game. A creation of Phil Will and his dark side. Dig the editing and feel of this for sure. This is probably my favorite spot that Phillip rides at and with so many options for tricks there’s some cool stuff in here. Looking forward to more of this series.

    “SESH KULT: Is a creed of nomads that are enslaved when they witness a spot that has the
    potential to be killed. They will encounter a sense of possession as they become
    consumed by their killer instincts within.

    Possession – One who is possessed or consumed by the desire to kill a spot without hesitation.

    Rider: Great Black
    Filmer: Blacktric Swayze”

    August 24th

    Phillip is a workhorse when it comes to edits. Here’s his latest one that has some nice hit in it. 180 feebs 180 was too smooth. So damn jealous of all these spots. Pretty sure this is the last edit we’ll see from Phil Will before his exclusive piece for lockedcog 2.0 hits the webs. Stoked for that one too!

    July 30th

    I talk to Phillip pretty regularly these days either shooting the shit or talking about a little project he’s helping me out with. That being said I get pretty stoked to see his new stuff drop and he definitely keeps things coming. This one has some sick grindy bits at the end plus plenty of other good transition/street clips. One to watch for sure!

    June 25th

    Phillip shot over this new edit last night and I’d have to say its pretty fresh! Some good grind lines in this one and some super dope spots. Rails on rails on ledges on stairs. Good mix to keep ya stoked on this. Keep ’em coming dude! Got some exclusive clips from Phillip dropping in a new segment here soon so look out for those jams real soon!