• kris
    January 30th

    Whoever is in charge of State’s video production is killing it. A cool video for the new line of “premium” bikes form State the Black Label Series. Cool shots, chill tunes and some perfectly placed reflectors on a ride through Phoenix. More here!



    February 19th

    Always stoked on some shop visits! PHX Bike in Phoenix Arizona is looking like a pretty spiffy joint to grab some parts. Well done video here from A 1986 Project.

    “PHX BIKE is a full service independent bicycle shop located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. We are right on the light rail. Into fixed gear, single speeds, custom builds, BMX, road bikes, commuter, urban, ect.. We specialized in boutique items that you may not find in other shops as well as being your friendly neighborhood bike store. Expect same day service. We can also track down any part or accessory you may want.”

    November 30th

    Missed this one of Ricardo but man is it good. Get in, get out and get on your way. Quick rail hit looking real good! I like the nose pivot sliders to pole movement…it actually looks like thats a legitimate way to stop and get off your bike haha. Phoenix got some dope crew dog.

    July 7th

    Missed these up on Phoenix a couple days ago but want to get em up! They’re looking real good and a lot similar to the BB17 Cobras but with a higher axle to crown. I wonder how the cross cutout at the crown will affect sales with the 666 fanatics. Haha.

    January 26th

    Pretty hefty 180 from Matt for this Phoenix bit. Sick stuff dude!

    January 24th

    Nice bit for Phoenix…lots of clean hop bars in this jam. Dig the black and white of course!

    October 26th

    Felix of Geometrick repping Phoenix with a sold line and a nice photo. Looking good dude!

    August 11th

    Hiro getting down for Leader and Phoenix…some nice hit in this one!

    July 11th

    Lots of quick lines in this one from Phoenix…good to see some fresh video its been a bit!

    February 18th

    A few of us have been talking about doing somthing like this for a while…you see it in skate videos, bmx videos, freestyle gymnastics videos…but rarely in fixed edits. Trains are fun, theyre like the conga line at a catalina wine mixer! Fun video.