• kris
    July 6th

    After waiting months to get his new wheel build going Joey got everything together and was stoked on some new shoes. Days later they were snagged off his bike outside his work with no way of tracking them down. Thankfully there are some good people out there willing to help a dude in need. Phil did up these custom hubs with some personalization just in case some idiot swipes these down the road. With a little help from Velo Trap he was back in on the road again…



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    June 28th

    North St. took three of their most popular bags back to the drawing board with two new fabrics. Their staple Pioneer joins the Flanders and Davis bags with X-Pac camo and smoke grey finishes. X-Pac is lighter and more water resistant than the proven Cordura, giving you the “cutting” edge. Check the newest from North St. Below and be on the lookout for full reviews to come!


    X-Pac Pioneer:


    “Made from waterproof X-33 X-Pac™ sailcloth, the limited X-Pac™ Camouflage edition is lightweight, rugged, and safe from the elements. Featuring the US Army Multicam camouflage pattern, this is the same great design as the original Pioneer, but made with lighter, stronger, waterproof fabric. X-Pac™ is made in Connecticut by Dimension Polyant.



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    June 23rd

    After itching to get some rush hour photos on the 80 here in Sac a few us took to the onramp with our good friend Eazie. A couple passes and a ton of gridlock left us with a pretty rad little set. Having only done something like this a handful of times it proved a tad difficult to add in timing for the photos…but none the less worth it. Check Devin and Joey out then click through for a few more!



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    June 8th

    With the weekend on approach it’s just about time to grab those Hawaiian shirts and a cold one and get chillin’. Joe putting this bus back in service for a few on some end of day runs yesterday.



    May 23rd

    Portland’s North St. continues to expand their lifestyle line alongside their handmade bike bags with their new Scout 21 Duffel Whether you have your wheels with you or not you can’t go wrong with more carrying power when hopping in a plane, train or automobile. Pop over to check the custom color options and to swoop one of these just in time for those summer travels!


    Copy of IMG_3299

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    March 31st

    After the recent Oakley Crossrange meet we figured we should pick the brain of the man behind the glasses and put together a few quick ones for Chas. He was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to shoot us some pretty solid answers for our first interview in some time…click through for the whole deal!



    (PC: Lucas)


    1. For those who don’t know you, when and what got you started down the road on two wheels?


    Chas: Hey what’s up my name is Chas, I live in San Francisco CA and try to generally shred life as hard as possible.  I have been riding bikes since I was a kid, to and from school, ripping trails on the weekends.  I got seriously into cycling in Portland, Oregon around 2004 when I got my first CX bike and started racing locally.  It was there that came across bike messengers, racing cyclocross races on their track bikes… literally a slippery slope, and after that I was hooked.

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    Devin Armstrong
    March 26th

    This past weekend Victor Ouma hosted the biggest, baddest, most insane alleycat in the world and it just wrecked NYC streets once again. This year competitors traveled from all over the world to compete in this brakeless fixed gear street race.
    only the brave and courages came out to race in freezing 35 degree weather with rain and snow throughout the race.





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    March 23rd

    Devin is making his way back to New York for this year’s Red Hook Brooklyn and will be repping Engine 11 and Lockedcog to the fullest. Not his for time to the Big Apple having worked as a messenger there this will be his first major crit. He recently got his Engine 11 Sprinter dialed in for the race so we hit Old Sacramento for a few quick photos to break it in. Click through for a few more flicks and be sure to check back for coverage from his NYC trip next month!


    Devin 3-1

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    March 22nd

    The road to Salt Lake City for NAHBS was a long one but Angel and I definitely packed in some fun along the way. From firework stands to tricks in the desert, if an opportunity for some rad photos popped up we jumped on it. Here’s a handful of shots from the roadside attractions we stopped at…


    SLC 32-1SLC 23-1

    SLC 18-1

    SLC 14-1

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    March 19th

    For bikes that take a bit more of a beating it’s often convenient to have a quick release seat clamp for a bit more maneuverability on the go. Whether its dropping you cyclocross seat for a for a bit more room on a downhill or getting your track bike more dialed for some bumps this is just what you need. Paul’s QR clamp is CNC machined, rocks an internal cam and looks as good as everything that comes off their production line. We have one these on the way so stay tuned for a full review…in the mean time swoop here!

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