• kris
    January 23rd

    Had a chance to meet up with my dude Jordan last weekend for a few photos and some tasty brews. He was out and about on his recently finished Pinarello done up top to bottom. From the ZIPP uppers to the Factory Five/Sugino combo down low he made sure this this thing rolls real smooth. Rounded it out (wait for it…) with a nice set of Ventos and some new gumwall shoes for a dialed track build that can put in some miles. He’s got quite the little collection these days so expect more from Jordan here soon!


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    April 11th

    Um drool much? This thing is freaking amazing. Pretty sure the only thing I might change is the bars/tape. The vintage bits keep this oldie looking classy. Grabbed from Dainius flickr though dude has some cool flicks on his blog as well.