• kris
    March 23rd

    It looks like Amy Danger has been updating her Saadl profile with all sorts of the purdy rides she’s owned. The Pista Concept has long been one of the more sought after track frames for taking to the streets and this shot is too primo. Those Zipp shoes might not take too kindly to the cobbles and train track but this one comes together real nice!



    December 20th

    Between the messenger dudes and the Pedal Hard crew there’s enough rad track whips in Sac to keep you drooling for a bit. Jordan comes from the latter and his 2005 Pista Concept is as dope as they come. A mix of Thompson and Dura Ace bits with 75’s down low. Solid build no doubt! Crazy to think that this thing is almost a decade old. Click through for a bunch more flicks and hit the flickr for the full size.


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    January 3rd

    Came across this Pista Concept on the Craislist. Relatively cheap considering an 08 floor model is/was going for $720 on Bencycle.


    December 19th

    Something about bikes covered in stickers that i like all of the sudden.


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    October 7th