• kris
    October 22nd

    If you’re on here at least somewhat regularly you know I try to mix up the content as much as possible. I’m interested in and ride a lot of different kinds of bikes. Polo included. I have a hard time finding some good polo content sometime but luckily I stumble upon solid sites like Lancaster Polo that are all about mallets and balls. Here’s a game video I pulled for all you wishing you were on the court but are stuck inside with this BS weather. If you’ve never played find some people in your area, buy some beers and go kick it. Its a little long but if you’ve got nothing to do peep it!

    October 15th

    I got a some photos from this past weekends polo tournament here in Sac so look for a post on that tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime here’s a couple polo videos from out of the country down in Chile. Polo is beers, bikes and buds. Do its fun. Duh.



    October 10th

    This is whats crackin this weekend for bike in Sacramento. I’ve been to a couple polo tournaments here in Sac and they’re always super fun. Lots of  fun people, brews, and two days of bikes. I’ll definitely be poking around for a bit!

    August 23rd

    This looks like a damn good time right here! Polo tournaments always pop off and this one over three days is bound to be no different. Scavenger hunt, parties and lots of polo. Perfect.

    July 30th

    The homies at Eighthinch have long bee supporters of bike polo. Sponsoring events and teams while making polo specific parts like mallets and shafts. They recently covered the NAHBPC in which sponsored team Portland United took fourth. They caught up team member Eric Crandall for a solid video interview about polo and the bikes that the team is riding. The dudes seem to be digging their Scramblers and repping the brand well! It’s no surprise considering how well the polo heads have taken to the Scrambler. I know of at least three people that play regularly here in sac that rock them. Eighthinch stepping up their shooting and editing in this one too!

    October 25th

    Here’s something that we should see more often. Don’t get me wrong I love watching full match polo videos…but highlight reels like these definitely have their place in polo coverage. This one is from the recent Hell’s Belles tournament in London. Apparently the first all girls polo tournament over there. Looks like a fun one across the pond!

    October 18th

    A little coverage from Worlds! I havent gotten to check much out from this yet so I’m stoked to be seeing some video from the event.

    August 11th

    This is awesome! Hahaha. In the description it says that the team that gets scored on has to drink…though it looks like they all are after each goal. Looks super fun either way. No straight edge polo here.

    July 7th

    A couple days ago my buddy Scott aka Pistol hit me up looking for a frame on the quick. See he’s part of Polomania this weekend here in Sac so he needed to have a bike to ride…and he’d just snapped his seat tube at his bottom bracket. He just so happened to love this frame. A lot. So rather than going through the trouble of tracking down a frame and then having to get used to it he had this done. Looks like a beast now. Polo dudes be crafty.

    July 6th

    Here’s some really fresh polo that went up over the weekend. I was avoiding the computer for the most part haha. Check this though. Real good!