• kris
    October 6th

    Portugal’s Pedrojose’ Oliviera seems to be making the rounds on his 24 inch  freestyle build as of late. Keeping things fresh with a mix of parks and spot this one from a trip to Riga has some gems in it. I feel like this dude has come a long way since his first videos earlier in the year. FGFS staying strong as dudes progress around the globe!


    March 4th

    A little tunnel trip with Portugal’s Rodagira and at their Zorlac 2. Few things compare to a quick step on an open road…



    June 13th

    Ricardo sent this two day tripper over this morning with some solid clips in the mix from Jotta and a couple of the other Portugal shredders. Sick to see that Concept frame putting in some work out there. That tooth over and unluc-e down that ledge real are proper. Dig this!



    March 25th

    This 3:30 episode is the second to make its way over form Portugal via Ricardo Lino. He went out with his good friend Jotta to grab some clips in what looks like one of the most awesome lookig places to ride. That sunset view from the oceanfront spot is perfect. Jotta has some tech lines in here and a rad ender at one dope ass rail spot.  Stoked to work with someone whos has a smooth style and tricks to back it but doesn’t get enough coverage. The dudes came through on this one for sure. To peep more Jotta content hit Concept, Malbina and Choose. Big ups to Lino and Jotta for keeping the series going this week!





    October 22nd

    Lino and Jotta are at it again with the next installment of the IN THA series. Bar stall is looking pretty sick and who’s not to like some bail action? Gotta put that work in sometimes to get the tricks. Grime getting repped good in these things since they’ve been dropping on the regular!


    June 15th

    Couldn’t make it Portugal for Westjam 2? Feast your eyes on this little recap right here from Academia dos Patins. This years course looks like a fun jam setup…especially that curved pallet wall thing. Looks like there was a pretty good turnout despite being the same weekend at Midwest Mayhem. Dig it!

    June 11th

    Ricardo shared this flick on facebook and its gotta go up. Nice double peg in front of the King João I statue over in Lisbon, Portugal. Such a rad backdrop!

    May 24th

    Grime TV brings us the heater of the day with Ricardo and Jotta in Portugal. Some really fresh stuff in this one guys. Good filming and editing with some dope tricks. Its weird…I was just thinking about rail rides today and bam theres one right here. Dig this one!

    February 15th

    This is going down tomorrow night if you’re in Lisbon! Matilha Cycle Crew with a tunnel ride that ends with some sprints and an art show.