• kris
    August 17th

    Brook‘s steps a tad further away from their saddle roots with a new project featuring two modern helmet designs. The Harrier will come in at $200 but is damn clean and my favorite of the two. You can keep your head clear for 50 bucks less when you pre-order the stylish and urban tested Island. Definitely a good move for Brooks on these…pop over for the whole project rundown!



    HARRIER | MSRP $200


    Immagini 769

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    March 28th

    So i posted about this project from Restless Collective last week…and I’ll likely keep posting up their stuff as I really did this project! The mere task of riding through 50 countries on bicycles is way sick but undertaking a study of a generation is pretty nifty. Im sure we’ll see more from them soon…