• kris
    November 18th

    These rad socks from Prolly and Team Dream came out soooo good. The viking has you covered for you maiden voyage. These are in sock now Team Dream!


    October 23rd

    If you’ve been following John’s blog over the past couple years you know the dude is quite the cyclocross enthusiast. He’s teamed up with All-City to bring not only a cool race but some trippy coozies. These are just perfect. Stay tuned to Prolly for more info on the event and these beverage holders.


    September 16th

    While in LA Prolly shot Christian of GSC new custom freestyle build. Some solid parts on this thing and the raw/chrome/black is always a good choice. More on John’s spot…cool to see some freestyle love in the Beautiful Bicycle posts!



    August 9th

    Rad collabo between Topo and Prolly on this relatively simple web belt. That purple pops like no other and according to John these things don’t need to be broken in and keep your britches up proper. Grab one here!



    July 29th

    John’s visiting NYC and upping photos from his trip to his once home town. I haven’t been out there for a few years now and am really itching to go back. Dig this shot coming down 7th avenue toward Carnegie. More rad flicks including some mess flicks of Tone and some of the other NYC locals after you click  over.




    May 7th

    John couldn’t make it out to the event this year so what better way to get some solid content than enlisting the best fixed photographer. Matt Lingo has some guest galleries up on Prolly’s spot from this weekend’s event and the shots are really on point. Hope over for the freestyle, track and crowd shots Matt was able to get. I’ve still gotta get Gnarlos’ and Mon’s stuff onto the site but until then make sure you hop over and peep Matt’s stuff! So good.





    March 27th

    John is pretty much THE man when it comes to the bike blogs. That’s why he gets to go do cool shit like this with the dude’s from Mission Workshop. So rad to be able to cruise around the Yangtze region I’m sure. Looks like an experience of a lifetime dude…soak it up!