• kris
    February 22nd

    Here’s the second installment of what I posted up a couple weeks ago from down in Mexico. These are well done and a fun little watch. Should have some Sac polo stuff up here soon…especially after they head to Santa Cruz this weekend for some tournament action!

    June 22nd

    So I’ve definitely never heard of something like this…super dope! If you want to get a free Eighthinch Scrambler peep this little promo. Get your shop to set up an order with Eighthinch and they get a $50 credit and you get a free V3 Scrambler tossed into their first order. Way sick. Check the details here

    October 7th

    Brian sent me this right before i left for interbike so i totally spaced on it. Sorry dude! Free shipping on all Toro orders over 30 bucks. Get to it!