• kris
    March 24th

    When COG Magazine had to close up shop a while back it was definitely at a loss for urban cycling culture. Taking note of that they’re back and better than ever with a new release called TWO. Right off the bat you can tell this will be at least as good if not better than it’s predecessor with all sort of content and some new contributors. Pop over to their store to grab one!



    October 4th

    Waiting on the English version of Cyklen 7 to drop so I can peep Sean Martin‘s interview among the other good in this issue. Peep the Cyklen Site for more!


    May 9th

    Newest issue of SOFB is out for your eyes to peel over. There’s some good stuff in there including an interview with Brenton Salo that’s got some rad shots with it. There’s a lot of good event coverage from around the world. Dig seeing stuff like that. Click here for the whole read.






    February 6th

    I think most people got this up yesterday. I’m a little slow from time to time ha. Fixed Mag always delivers with stellar photos and written content. Probably the best fixed publication out right now. New issue drops March 10th and has some goods form the peeps below. Not sure where to link to these days but I know the old site is down so the tumbler for info!


    Ian G. C. White – Photographs
    Brother Cycles – Interview
    Look Out – Jamie Kirkham
    Bike Check – Thomas Poignant
    Bike Check – Steve Tortorelli
    Look Out – John Taki


    May 20th

    A nice one here from the Great White North dudes. Speed through the whole thing and some sick spots all around. Dig this one dudes!

    May 10th

    Stoked on Fixed Bikes back at it with issue number eight. This is a seriously sick publication that is killing it with over 100 pages of fixed goodness. A little bit of a wait on this one but it was well worth it. So much good content for every kind of fixed riding from fixed freestyle to race coverage to nice flicks from around the world. So rad!

    March 7th

    This came in while I was out as well. Stoked On Fixed Bikes has been bringing us some super good content for a while now. Now in issue seven this is a must see. Always good stuff…thanks for shooting this over Greg!

    January 12th

    This is the dude. These are the shoes. I can relate to the first half of this like crazy. The having ideas, the motivation and the losing your life haha. Lots of good perspective in this. Cog and Chrome keeping it trill.

    April 19th

    Coming back at you with another issue. The theme of this one is “Make” and their looking to get some solid contributions from everyone! Here’s a blurb from fixed, and what

    “If you’ve got something to say, something to draw, something to shoot or indeed something to make, let us know, and let’s make this happen all over again.”

    Get on it. Shoot ’em something. I’m planning on sending some stuff over.