• kris
    April 16th

    If my daily ride looked anything like Manuel Velez’s I’m not sure I’d want to do anything else. Follow him through some great scenery in Puerto Rico as his gives his track bike a bit of a workout. This sure has he wanting to hop on a plane…



    November 1st

    Trip videos are about as good as it gets in my opinion. This is what all this is about. Bikes with your friends and if you can make it to places around the world doing it even better. Lots of good clips in the mix and some relaxing from the Grime dudes and Matt. Dig this.

    October 30th

    Dope shot from the Wheeltalk house right here of Matt in Puerto Rico. Looks like a super fun spot and definitely something you don’t get to ride every day. Matt doing it proper and going big while Tak snapped it just right. Dig this one right here a ton.

    August 3rd

    While I’m getting stoked for Interbike next month the Grime dudes are heading to Puerto Rico! Always dope to see FGFS dudes you know livin’ the dream and traveling the world for bikes. If you’re down that way make sure you show these guys a good time. PRFixed bringing the heat with what looks to be a crackin’ event.