• kris
    October 12th

    Caught these over on the OZOTW flickr and liked the way this build looks. Ozotw drops a lot of goods on the regular but this pursuit frame is still one of my favorites. Edit on the flicks make it looks pretty mean as well. Dig it.

    June 3rd

    A nice handmade pursuit with a trispoker on the front? I’m stoked on it. Pretty cool top tube bend and a nice fleck in that paint. Wishbone on the real looks nifty too. Came out real good and I’m glad i spotted it on jokkea’s flickr…hop over to see more.

    May 15th

    I haven’t seen one of these bad boys in a bit! From what I know Baramon’s are relatively rare frames made in Fukuoka Japan. I’ve seen some nice track frames but these “funny” pursuit bikes are way sick. 24 inch araya steeze up front and some nice vintage bits on there. Seriously a cool ride from Kenichi’s flickr.

    February 17th

    This thing is so sick! From man of the mountains flickr

    December 30th

    There is nothing that I like more then a really good looking pursuit frame. It pains me to see this beautiful killed like this. Sorry to whoever rides this but, you suck.

    Edit: Kris happens to like this for god knows what reason.

    3rensho fixed gear

    Via: Brenton Salo

    November 21st

    November 3rd


    2007 UBI/Keith Anderson Collaboration

    Keith Anderson Cycles

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    November 1st

    October 29th

    October 17th


    Cinelli lugged, Colubus tubing, Campagnolo drop outs. I have always wanted a real nice vintage pursuit frame. To bad I don’t have any money 🙁

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