• kris
    May 3rd

    A few days ago I got the chance to interview Josh for the upcoming Ride + Style event this weekend. The bit is up on Redbull.com and if you give it a look you’ll see that Boothby has a pretty good perspective on the event and the fixed scene as a whole. There’s a grip of recent flicks up from the Red Bull Content Pool as well that are worth the peep. Click over for the whole interview and to scope  all the flicks from his recent SF trip.


    “Being a veteran fixed-gear pro, Josh Boothby has a great deal of insight on the state of the fixed industry and the community that supports it. The San Francisco takeover of fixed gear bikes and street artists for this year’s Red Bull Ride + Style, happening on May 4, is something he’s certainly excited about. Read on for what Josh had to say about the upcoming weekend, the future of fixed freestyle and the importance of big events like Red Bull Ride + Style.

    redbull.com: What got you into riding bikes?

    Josh Boothby: I got started riding fixed with Area Cycles (bike shop). Kenji Iwanashi presented me with an opportunity to go on a shop ride they held every Tuesday. I realized I was fast and people were into what I brought to the sport so I ran with it. From there I started picking up support and kept trying to push the limits of what I thought was possible on a fixed gear.

    What got you into riding bikes in general?

    When I was 11 I got my first bike from my dad. A couple of weeks later he pulled off the training wheels and after hitting a few walls — literally — I had it. A couple of years later I went to watch the X Games in SF and noticed this small skatepark across the street, so I sat and watched what all the guys were doing. It changed my life, seeing what was possible on a bike.

    What are your thoughts on Red Bull Ride + Style this weekend?

    I’m stoked that all the riders from the around the world accepted their invitations and made the trip out. The level of riding right now combined with the high expectations for the event is going to push the envelope of what’s possible. It’s going to create combinations and tech maneuvers that people have never seen before…”







    March 19th

    Angus Sung has been putting out quality work for some time and is not stranger to urban cycling through his work for the 5th Floor. This bit has already been all over the place but it really is a rad piece. Follow David as he preps for his upcoming racing season…some really good shots in this that give it a pretty epic vibe. Need more stuff like this on the webz!


    December 5th

    Here’s a little something that’s always fun…and will be going do here in Sac again soon. Goldsprints. Pretty long video but if you’ve never been to one of these this is pretty much whats up. Bikes. Beers. Friends. And racing.

    October 11th

    Probably the most comprehensive web bit to pop in a while. Fast. Tricks. Polooo. Looking real fresh with it!

    April 25th

    This looks to be a really promising project and something I certainly want to see. Check the trailer and read up on what its about below…

    Fixation is a true life documentary focusing on the thrilling world of single speed cycling. Shot over the course of 12 weeks, Fixation captures, for the first time, the excitement and popularity of this growing sport from all perspectives. With the resurgence of single speed bikes we discover the appeal to having only one gear. Single speeds are the original form of bicycles but technology has come so far, providing multiple speeds for faster and easier riding, yet single speeds, fixed and freewheel continue to have a strong following. The range of riders is vast, from professionals to the casual everyday rider. Their styles and motives are different but the outcome still seems to be the same, the freedom, simplicity and the challenge of having one gear is what brings them back to the basics. We will explore the full spectrum of the lifestyle: Messengers, Olympic Racing, City Riders, Bike Polo, Brakeless, Freestyle and more. Discover the passion, freedom and excitement behind only having one gear.

    November 29th

    Ive been a fan of the parts that Yobi has been putting out for some time now. Especially the hubs. Looks like there some newer versions up for grabs right now! I personally dig the high flange hubs but both of these are beautiful. Yobi was nice enough to send me one of the track rings so be on the lookout for a review and some test photos of one of the Yobi rings once i get it. Itll be going on my track build that i’ll be piecing together. So stoked!

    Edit: After talking to Yobi he sent me some better photos of the two hubs he is currently making…the “Superior” and the standard flange hub.

    The “Superior” track hub has a removable hub flange that actually won a the Hungarian design award (more on that to come). I’m hoping to pick up a set of these for the track build as well when i get the funds…these things are gorgeous:

    Read More….

    August 25th

    December 12th

    October 27th

    Augsburg Velodrome…from the guys at Mad Motion.

    October 22nd