• kris
    August 13th

    Since Jerome moved out to Oakland I don’t really head out to shoot photos as much as I used to. I do have a few friends in Sac that dabble in snapping flicks still so every now and then I get a chance to grab some stuff. Here’s a few from my dispatcher here at work Kenny and my long lost brother and Sac State Bike shop manager Rad. Two of my favorite dudes to chill with and both real decent behind the lens. The whip and 180 were shot by Kenny and the gap into the bank is all Rad. Always feels weird posting flicks of yourself but I gotta give these dudes some love!

    June 1st

    It’s been a super long time since I did one of these…but you’ll start seeing these on here a bit more often as we go out and shoot with real cameras. Some fun from last weeknd with Alex, Rad and Nick. Real cool dirt spot tucked away off the bike trail. You’ll be seeing more from this spot here soon! Good times despite about a million or so mosquitoes.