• kris
    May 12th

    Couldn’t pass up sharing this beauty from yesterday’s Merckx Monday over on Radavist. This SLX Pista is certainly a thing of beauty and worthy of few clicks…and a bit of drool. Full set here!



    March 19th

    The Radavist runs deep these days and with that comes great coverage like this! Monster Track videos are trickling out now though this recap will likely remain one of the best. Take a few to hear some dialogue from past winners paired up with some great photos from Chris Lee. Really dig how well this captures the city and the energy that goes into owning it!



    March 9th

    It’s been a few years since I was hanging with the old pal John on NAHBS floor here in Sacramento. Since then his galleries and heavy coverage of the hand made machines have become the cream of the crop year after year. I’ll be keeping up with his sets this week so check back for a few purdy ones like this LoveBaum track or hop over to peep yourself!



    December 8th

    In recent years the MASH store in SF has easily become one of “the” shops to visit for both locals and travelers alike. John swung by their new space over the weekend for the Radavist and it’s certainly looking just as fresh. Hop over for a proper gallery!