• kris
    April 2nd

    If nothing else this one fro Spun is worth it for the last bail. Pretty gnarly. Good mix of some big BMX and a few fixed clips. There’s actually a bunch of solid clips in this from what might be the sickest spot ever. A dope bank, ledge hop, ledge, handrails and stairs all packed into a nice little spot.

    January 3rd

    Finally got to see Alex’s little bail reel a few minutes ago. I’ve been struggling to get my comp working all day to get this thing up haha. Anywho, some pretty gnarly bails in here and some real sick spots. I dig that rail ro rail over the sign at the end. Pretty fresh!

    July 17th

    Kenny’s on his rail game like no other. Just going out and sliding on some big burly beasts. So sick. Colin with the real fresh snap.

    March 14th

    So stoked on this one from Kenny. Lots of grindage in this bad boy with some pretty hefty ledges and rails. Check it. Kenny you should come up to Sac for a couple days!