• kris
    March 28th

    So i was going through my work computer and I came across these old photos. They have to be a couple years old but I still have this thing sitting in my room. Most of the good parts pictured have gone to friends over the years but if i can get a headset and a seat for this bad boy itll be back on this streets here soon. Ill probably post things like this from time to time…i find myself going through my hard drives when i get really bored. Oh nostalgia haha. Theres a couple more of it below…

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    March 10th

    Yes this is slightly confusing. It is also entertaining haha. Oh there’s bike tricks in there too. Gun slinging also.

    October 5th

    This bit from 14 Bike Co. is too funny. Hopefully when i get around to opening my shop i got pigeons stopping by every day…keeps things interesting. Ha.

    September 30th

    I saw this around a bit but hadnt watched it yet…pretty damn funny.

    Now what if you want to use real money to buy something?

    September 15th

    September 7th

    Ummm…i like this. Ha. Ive always wanted to get into animation (Well i suppose not always. I probably wanted to be an astronaut or some bull before). I would really like to animate for either adding to video or making shorts…

    August 9th

    Every once in a while you come across some gems of stupidity on craigslist. Sometimes the people themselves fall a bit short on brain cells and sometimes its just people trying to be funny. I think this one is (for the sake of humanity) the latter. It gave me a chuckle this morning and thus i say thank you craigslist poster…whoever you are.

    August 5th

    I left my computer cable (well my usb phone tether bit) at the house this morning so not much from me today until i get home. Ill put this up however…only because i wonder what itd be like to ride a bike around with a fish head on. Something like that. All i can see is the thumbnail…so if its ridiculous…i dont appologize. Ha.

    July 23rd


    July 2nd

    I laughed at this…might be terrible…but think about this. Dude comes up, takes purse, hands wallet back to girl, demands money, settles for a dollar, steals her soul with a kiss and rides off into the night. Batman? Story from the Mercury News.