January 2nd

As cycling kits continue to pop up from people all over you can bet collaborations like this Rapha x Team Sky bit is going to rise above the rest. Cool preview piece from some of the Sky riders and if you click over to the Rapha page a nice letter from Simon the founder. The idea of cycling being more than a spot is pretty spot on and applies to just about every kind of riding. Solid stuff.

I also spotted this shot over on the 5th Floor as I was looking for some updates on this…loving the simplicity of these. Going to look real good on the road.

December 31st

Whenever I check up on Tracko I always find something that makes me go ???. It’s really hard to make the best tire lever ever any better but adding some class with a Rapha logo is one of them. I swear by these levers as do many others becuase…well…they’re THE BEST DAMN LEVERS PERIOD. Not sure when they’re going to be available but I’m sure they’ll sell out in less than a heartbeat and be around forever. I think I’ve had my yellow Pedros lever (below) for like three years now? Dannng.





May 25th

This is pretty damn epic. Then again Rapha stuff usually is. Super sick filming, editing and sound coming together for a nice little rolling road ride. Boom.

April 10th

Amazing work as per usual Rapha style. Some seriously good shooting, editing, art and the tunes are dope with Mogwai. I pasted the video description below but you’ll have to check the Rapha spot t see the full version. Trust me it’s worth it. Duh.

Visual artist Antony Crook, in collaboration with Rapha and RSA Films, presents Knock for Knock.

Shot in Tokyo, with a soundtrack from Mogwai and a script written by long-distance cyclist James Bowthorpe, the film represents a sportsman’s fight against his inner demons.

“We thought of this as a sequel to 30 Century Man [Crook and Bowthorpe’s last collaborative film] – a journey again… Knock For Knock looks inwards, into memory, into fear and fighting it.”
– James Bowthorpe

January 7th

How cool would this be?! Cruising the Dolomites in Italy on a road rig would be rather sweet…then again riding around Italy at all would be cool. Rapha gets some riding in up there with their riders and continues to put out nicely shot and edited videos. Always a enjoyable to watch!

October 15th

100 miles is a 100 miles. Fact. Costumed spectators cheering you on for no real reason is awesome. Fact. Ha. Rapha coming through with another well produced tidbit. Looks like an nice scenic ride in the hills!

July 1st

This video bit about the Rapha race made its way around today…but John’s got some fresh shots up of their new space on the day of their opening reception. Looks like a well put together place!

January 15th

Anything that Rapha makes I fall in love with

Yonretto Trailer from RAPHA on Vimeo.


January 11th

There is no question as to who makes the best cycling/bike specific clothing, OUTLIER and Rapha. Both are awesome but offer different style products. Outliers stuff is definitely more causal urban riding oriented my Rapha is technical riding apparel. The quality that they both turn out is just amazing! I’m posted up my favorites below. Just was thinking about this and wanted to let you all know 🙂

Rapha Rain Jacket

Rapha Rain Jacket

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October 6th