• kris
    April 3rd

    Always liked Denis Bejtic’s off the wall style and this Concept edit nails it. Creativity and a nice mix of spits to keep things interesting. Cab almost took him out at 3:03 and the squirrel running wild in the next clip is too good. Dig it.


    March 20th

    Looks like the winter up north has been a bit brutal for the Rat Shit guys. They managed to get out to cool little park under a freeway for a little sesh. Some good clips in the mix…plus those vapor clouds make you feel the northern chill.



    September 7th

    Concept seems to be picking up a good bit of people as of late. Denis is part of the Rat Shit crew and a dude who loves to ride. Peep this fun one from up north to get you in the mood for some riding. I like that he manages to ride a lot of these spots with traffic and pedestrians all around while none of them seem to mind. Dig it.