• kris
    July 7th

    New stuff from Lucas Blockelmann for Ratpack and if you dig freestyle you’ll have to be into this. Lots of dudes in this one tearing it up around Stanford with the Destroy crew. More on the PACK.


    April 14th

    Lucas Bockelmann logs a lot of miles bouncing back and forth between Virginia and California but obviously for good reason. He’s starting up a web series for Ratpack and judging by who’s got clips coming it going to be good. Peep the trailer and hit his spot for more!



    January 29th

    Some fresh stuff from Lucas at Ratpack. Our boy Phil throwing down with Cole Ruffing  at the park. Creativity and chill vibes the whole way through.



    October 25th

    It doesn’t get much better than a Ratpack flick on a friday. Looks like this is from around the time of Summer Fix when there was a ton of dudes shredding the Long Beach area. Put together just right as usual with good tunes and lots of clips from Congo, Wothe, Mckeag, the FOAD crew and a bunch more dudes who rip. Good shit from Ratpack expect nothing less! Oil slick beetle was too funny…



    August 21st

    I met Lucas of the Ratpack for the first time this month at Summer Fix. Dude is dedicated to getting everything he can and even keept up with everyone at Bills or Bust cruising on a skateboard. Just about all the clips from the event are in here in their VX glory including Boothby popping Robert Rice’s arm back in the socket. Shit looked gnarly.



    June 12th

    HOLY SHIT THIS 10 MINUTES OF FIRE. So many good tricks in here I shouldn’t even start to make a list of ’em. How about Slums bench hop wheelie 180, Jaoa’s feeble bar double tire, some Ride + Style footy and a bunch of screaming kids? Just a few of the gems in this Ratpack bit so grab a brew and watch this thing a couple times. Fucking dig it!


    May 30th


    My boy Lucas, gets out and films with some of the sickest dudes from The Bay to VA! It’s a no brainer that this’ll be sick but i literally just did this the whole time…

    “ohhhhhh, cumming! Like cumming coming”  haha. But really, this left me just wanting more because I know he’s sitting on some real good stuff to CUM.