• kris
    September 21st

    Im really feeling the mood behind this kids video project…from his vimeo description:

    a short track bike film. (Rj)

    anybody living near the Los Angeles area and would like to be a part of the film.
    contact me via myspace:
    suggestions and help is welcome.

    i need people with skill, don’t bother asking if you suck.
    also i’m trying to revolve the film around bike Riding.
    dont bother to ask if you’re doing bmx tricks on a track bike.

    please and thank you.

    xoxo Rj.

    and the video:

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    September 14th

    Getting gnarly. Grinds are looking real good!


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    July 13th

    Not sure what irks me more…the fact that this guys site uses the phrases “dope poppin colors” and “yadida. stay up. must”, the fact that he used Sam Miller to promote his product or his overall perspective and approach. I suppose more cycling is good cycling. Yadida?