• kris
    May 7th

    John couldn’t make it out to the event this year so what better way to get some solid content than enlisting the best fixed photographer. Matt Lingo has some guest galleries up on Prolly’s spot from this weekend’s event and the shots are really on point. Hope over for the freestyle, track and crowd shots Matt was able to get. I’ve still gotta get Gnarlos’ and Mon’s stuff onto the site but until then make sure you hop over and peep Matt’s stuff! So good.





    February 27th

    Lingo upped some sick flicks from Zen‘s trip to Woodward West this past weekend. He also posted that some ground breaking trick went down while there…I’m thinking 900, flare or front flip. Gotta be. Here’s one of Mckeag getting lifted a bit. Hit Recfail for more!