• kris
    June 26th

    Matt Lingo just posted up some dope shots from the Men’s final at last weekends Wolfpack Crit. I couldn’t pick one to share so a couple rad one’s are below but make sure to hop over to  Recfail for a bunch more. Dig the black and white and the mix of angels on these.


    January 31st

    Matt Lingo got a little space in hit new place to set up a studio. Since then he’s been working on all sorts off cool photo setups with some of the results below. I like Mike‘s portrait and that LDG shot but there’s a bunch more portraits and product shots on Recfail. All real sick.


    November 5th

    Looks like Matt shot some photos for SE’s Urban series this year and they came out awesome. The focal point on these flicks is just too purdy. Sure this lens is a pricey piece of glass ($1500?) but you end up with sick shots like the one below that you really without having to mess around in post. Check the rest here!

    October 15th

    This is hands down one of the coolest photos I’ve seen in a while. Dave and Gus are a power team finding some of the sickest spots off the beaten path and getting nice flick at them. I want this framed and signed on my wall haha. Dig it. Check the whole set on Recfail for more goodies!

    September 30th

    If you know me at all you know I love the footplant. Every variation. Ha. This one from Dave via Recfail of Gus has me pretty stoked. Cool angle at a cool spot of one of the coolest dudes in the game. Gusmo showing you how its done in the deep end.

    September 26th

    Matt shot these flicks of Josh right before interbike. In case you hadn’t heard Boothby has his own Showtime colorway the “All Day White”.`Why not head out and shoot some killer photos with it? Dig this cranker and that bench seqence…hit Recfail for the rest of them!

    August 20th

    I remember this spot from JDs last edit ender. It was a pretty rad banger and it looks like Matt got a dope flick of it as well. Reall dig this.

    July 9th

    I saw this shot of Antonyo over the weekend and it blew my mind. Such a sick trick on a crazy ass bump to fence. Some next level stuff for sure. Looks like this was shot by Dave though I grabbed it from Recfail.

    June 20th

    Matt with some more proper Recfail content with the boys. Congo and Joe have been holding it down in So Cal for a while and this is why! There’s two more dope shots after the click so make sure to jump to Recfail. Good stuff dudes.

    June 19th

    Matt upped some flicks from the much anticipated Can’t Fool the Youth premiere that went down at LDG. Couldn’t help but post this classic Congo bronco hop. Too good. Catch the rest over at the Rec Fail post.