• kris
    September 3rd

    Red Hook Barcelona is coming in hot and you can feel a part of the action rolling on a replica of the #veryrare prize Vigorelli. Chances are you won’t be winning the real deal and there’s only a handful of these available so roll over quick to swoop!

    July 8th

    The official Cinelli prize bike for this weekend’s Red Hook London is a mean one. Complete with custom FFWD track wheels and a hell of a race paint scheme this one is definitely a keeper. Be sure to catch the main event Saturday and keep up with updates in the meantime here!


    May 5th

    State had a solid presence at this year’s Red Hook Brooklyn sending a full team to hold it down for the brand. Dig the candid stuff for the travel vibes and there’s a good bit of footage from the main event to follow!



    April 27th

    This past weekend hundreds of the fastest hit the streets of Brooklyn for this year’s Red Hook Crit. Each year the premiere track crit seems to grow even landing a spot on CBS Good Morning this time around. Nothing here on results but a good look for people unfamiliar with the race or looking to nerd out a bit because this is just rad!




    September 23rd

    I really liked the first part of this series featuring Kyle Murphy and this spotlight on Katie Arnold is just as proper. Take a glimpse into the 29 year olds focus and drive with team Stanridge and Red Hook Crit. This girl rips, the bike is too nice and holy shit does this make me want to go ride around Brooklyn again…



    June 27th

    Probably the best look at the entire Red Hook Crit event this year coming from Crihs…weather still looking shitty as ever!


    April 17th

    With all the water and sheer brutality at this year’s Red Hook this is bound to be good. Can’t wait to see the real deal!



    March 28th

    This year’s Stanridge builds came out looking pro as hell adorned with artwork from the world famous Eine. These race machines will be circling the course at Red Hook this weekend and you can bet they’ll be gunning for gold with riders Katie Arnold at the helm. Hopefully we can get #yungfixie to snap some real life photos of these tomorrow!


    March 25th

    When it come to supporting the scene I’d be hard to say that God & Famous isn’t out there soldiering on. Teaming up with the ever popular Ass Savers on this one they;re aiming to bring track photographer Connor out to NYC for Red Hook. Really dig this collabo with the Rocko’s Modern Life inspired graphics and overall clean aesthetic. These are super limited so swoop one while you can! #wesavingassoutthere



    February 18th

    Pretty sure the Red Hook Crit collabos are some of the coolest things at the yearly event. This year Stanridge teamed up with world famous artist EINE for more sweet rides to sow off at the race. Last year’s winner Evan Murphy and pro racer Katie Arnold will be piloting the beasts this time around. Peep the teaser below and stay tuned for more!