• kris
    April 27th

    With the big guns out in full force you can bet hometown heroes God & Famous were out catching all the Red Hook action. Taking a different approach to capturing the event this set of images definitely has a very personal feel to it. Hop over for an up close and very personal look at this year’s biggest street track criterium!


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    April 13th

    In the modern day of track bike street races you aren’t official until you stepped up your helmet game. Dosnoventa‘s crew will be rocking these rad custom Synthe helmets at next week’s Red Hook Crit. NYC’s heavyweight criterium is sure to bring a lot of stellar media so you can bet they’re stoked to have Giro keeping them fresh!




    September 5th

    Thelema Artworks teamed up with Trimble racing this year to bring us the official Red Hook Barcelona flick. A lot of cool shots in here with a mix of angles and even a few copter cam slips. I’d say this is definitely the best video of the event that we’ll see.