• kris
    June 28th

    Looks like Resist realized they’re ever popular Nomad tires are fit for more than fixed freestyle. I’ve had these in 45c and 2.25 on the 26s…best tires I’ve run! 28s would be perfect for a trick track bike or cruising the city. These things are light and grippy which is just what you want out of a street tire. I’m not sure if I’d want something like this running on my track bike but you can sure bet I’m going to try ’em!

    June 15th

    The day a lot of you ave been waiting for has finally come. If you’re looking to go micro on your fixed freestyle bike now you can slap a Resist Contact driver hub on and get that baby gear going. I’d jump to the Contact page on Resist asap if you want one as they’re already running low!

    February 1st

    This house of wares looks pretty damn fun! Jakob, Congo and Joe throwing down as the first fixed riders to hit the Resist warehouse park area. Some fresh hits up in this one!

    July 18th

    These bad boys were just upped by Resist. Stoked to see more and more signature parts coming out! Grab these at you LBS asap if you’re into them. They’ll be gone real quick.

    Designed and tested by Justin “Congo” Mitchell. Heat treated and butted 100% CR-MO Tubing
    Barbore: 22.2
    Rise: 3.5″
    Width: 28″
    Backsweep: 9º
    Up Sweep: 2º

    January 26th

    Solid lines from both companies this year…and some stellar photos in the books!

    Volume here…

    Resist here

    January 20th

    Caught this shot of Congo on the Resist blog this morning…Matt Lingo making this spot look super fun yet again.

    January 11th

    This needed to go up a couple days ago and im bummed i wasnt on a computer to post it…but its still good as ever. Matt did a stellar job on this one for Resist. So damn sick!