• kris
    January 23rd

    When my Chrome Bravo showed up last summer to review I knew it would quickly become a daily bag. I carry around a Warsaw for work but that things a beast. If I’m going to film or hit the skatepark I usually want something a bit easier to move around with but still capable of hauling some stuff. The shots below show all I packed up for a little filming last weekend (minus the camera obviously ha). There was plenty more room in there but this is more or less what I have packed into this bag on the regular. There’s a little review below along with a bunch more flicks.



    I found the Bravo size wise to be solid. Its not at all too wide and has the ability to expand vertically with the roll opened up. The compression straps that cross on the front of the bag also let you squeeze some more stuff in there though I found a much better use for those ha.



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