• kris
    May 5th

    Last year as Grime dissolved Ricardo found a new home with the Destroy family. A few months and a lot of work later we have this raw edit and the new Brainiac frame offering from the dudes. X-up feeb double peg finishes if off proper but hot damn there’s a lot of good in here.




    March 31st

    Some real fire here from Lino and Ennui on a fun trip to Barcelona. Whether it’s charging into a long unluc-e or throwing wild combos Ricardo definitely goes all in. The double peg to x double was probably my favorite clip but no matter becauase this one’s good the whole way though.



    March 3rd

    A little treat from Ricardo Lino with his clips from the recent Shredwell 2. Video was killer as a whole but only because everyone went in for their parts like Lino here. Dig it.


    January 26th

    Ricardo repping Destroy with a dope double. Stoked to see him throwing down for the homies!


    December 2nd

    Looks like Ricardo Lino is riding something new from Destroy. He’ll be getting some time in on the Brainiac during the Tuga Tour while the Santos brothers are out in Portugal. Geo on this looks fresh really curious how this thing rides.


    November 27th

    Ricardo Lino posted up this dope sequence from a shoot with sponsor Ennui. Suited up to make this 180 bar look professional as possible. Dig it.



    November 7th

    Some clips of Ricardo Lino in this park flick from Portugal. Looks like a good setup and that unluc-e was too smooth.




    September 11th

    Here’s a couple of new goodies from Rinng. Ricardo Lino sent through some photos of his fresh Zero hubs that are definitely drool worthy. Best looking fixed driver hubs I’ve seen and they must ride as good as they look.



    Lino also shot over a flick of his updated LP pegs from Rinng. Non slip pins and 4.6″ long so you can lock into grinds easily every time. Peep the icepick ad below for proof and hit the pre-order for these bad boys here!



    August 5th

    Cool bit from Ennui featuring Ricardo Lino. Got to see a rough cut of this a while back but the finished product definitely came out real nice. That ledge at 1:25 is a beefy one and you have to dig that weirdy circle double peg. Next time he’s late he might have a bit of a problem with his excuses though ha. More on Ennui!




    July 5th

    New flick of Ricadro Lino up on his facebook. Always liked X-Up doubles and he’s definitely locked into this down ledge right here. Dialed.