• kris
    April 4th

    Robert threw together a mix of instagram clips for a dope little iPhone mixtape. Mellow clips at the park and a few street spots but you can tell he’s got that bike control. Chill Friday vibes the whole way through…



    February 27th

    This “Young Guns” flick from Suck My Cog is going to be pretty wild. Three of the best young dudes out there killing it with style. Here’s a teaser to hold you over as they put the finishing touches on this bad boy.



    November 27th

    This is some good stuff from Robert Rice and Miguel Aguallo. Looks like we can expect more from the Roadkill project. Dig it.



    November 16th

    It’s safe to say that Royal HC has been on a roll lately. Consistent quick clips of the team riders and cool content like this. Robert Rice with a dipped and clicked toboggan at the LBC park. Looks like there’s some new footage from the recent Royal addition…stoked to see that when it drops.



    September 30th

    Mellow stuff from Robert Rice and a couple of homies. Some rail work and park footy mixed together for a good afternoon bit. Stuntin’.


    September 9th

    Robert Rice sending off summer right with this solid flick.. Mix of park and street around Long Beach with his fresh style. Double peg 180 is legit and you know he’s got a suicide in there.



    July 18th

    Quick one from Robert Rice for the first part of summer. Suicides in the mix with some other solid clips like that 180 tbog…trick feels weird to throw off of things.



    June 5th

    Robert always comes through with some real good quick edits. Dude always brings something new to his riding and style wise kills it. Dig that 5 tap to fakie smith.


    April 12th

    Been digging all these Robert Rice bits lately and this one for Famili is for sure my favorite. Dudes killing it already and gets better every edit. Suicides are becoming a signature for him…and he’s throwing them down stairs. Last spot I was hoping he’d double to double but either way that’s shits super tight so it looks sick.  Dig this and glad I hit TTv this morning to peeo it.