• kris
    September 10th

    I’ve always been a fan of what the dudes at Rock’N”Rollin are doing and usually get some stuff posted up. For some reason I’ve long been drawn to french stuff even taking 4 years of the language in school. As a thanks for support Francois from the crew sent me over a little care package. Not usually one to wear cycling caps since they look funny but I put this thing on as soon as i got it and rolled around for work. Dig the shirt a ton too which has already been through the wash once. Thanks again man!

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    July 3rd

    Francois of RocknRollin and &Co. Labs shot over their newest cycling jerseys last night. This time around they went for a vintage shape and look with a 50/50 blend of wool and acrylic. You got two pockets up front and another three in the rear to hold all you junk on long rides. These things looks so sick with the collars! Peep game