• kris
    November 21st

    Always digging the new stuff from Roulant and you can’t go wrong with a Descendant’s tribute. It is still cross season but no matter this thing it too rad. Swoop one here!






    April 10th

    Been keeping tabs on Roulant since their initial launch late last year. Looks like there’s a restock of the Wolves kit and a little something new with a matching wind vest. Peep the whole line of good right here!



    November 26th

    Always cool when readers send in new projects they’ve been spending time on. Patrick Taylor linked me to his clothing line Roulant that has some nice soft goods on the way. They’ve opened up pre-orders ’til December 12th on enough stuff to fill your closet. A full kit, five tees and three sweatshirts just in time for the cold weather. Hop over and peep for more photos!