• kris
    March 13th

    Jball is a beast on the freestyle bike throwing tricks on a whim. Not usually in the park but this quick bit from Royal has some dope clips in the mix. Bar to bar and pegless double 180 bar were two of my favs plus he’s got style for days. Dig it.



    February 11th

    Jball makes everything look easy. Wheelie 180 bar here for Royal HC is dialed as can be. Dig it.



    December 30th

    This is going to be some fire from Royal HC when it drops. So cal kiddies throwing down. Wheelie hard 180 was dope. More on Royal!



    November 16th

    It’s safe to say that Royal HC has been on a roll lately. Consistent quick clips of the team riders and cool content like this. Robert Rice with a dipped and clicked toboggan at the LBC park. Looks like there’s some new footage from the recent Royal addition…stoked to see that when it drops.



    November 14th

    Of course I like these footplant 180s and Christian Ustarroz gets creative with one in the Royal HC quick clip. Looks like a full edit is just about ready after some computer issues. Keep these quick clips bits coming!



    October 30th

    Spotted this quick clip of Jacob Santos and a snappy quick clip over on Royal. Always into seeing stuff from the Concept teammates especially when its this dialed.



    October 10th

    A nice update and a new home for Royal Hand Made Customs is live. More navigation and places to explore so hop over a take a look. Glad to see Royal picking up some steam lately!



    August 26th

    Spotted this Summer Fix recap from Royal HC over the weekend. Coming through with some fresh clips in the mix and some alternate angles of clips we’ve seen. Elliott’s three oppo three was sick.



    June 3rd

    JBall showing us why everyone should have a tarck setup still. So sick. Hell with more people picking up track bikes lately maybe we’ll see a resurgence of this style of riding. I wouldn’t be mad. Chill vibes on a Monday. I dig.



    May 13th

    This Gabe Garcia bit just came over from Royal and though it’s not finished its definitely sick. Filming and editing can go a long way even if you can’t catch all the clips you want. That hop over tooth looks damn sick too.