• kris
    February 7th

    Saw that these new Runner Up campers dropped last week and luckily there’s still some left. Hand made in the USA with had picked fabrics. Cammo is the jam right now so swoop these right here before they’re goneee. Dig that tiger cammo one for sure.


    January 13th

    Did this little bit up for Runner Up. Rather than a bunch of boring photos of clothes i spent a couple nights getting this together. There’s a lot of nights spent in parking garages here in Sac if you’re trying to ride. This is inspired by just that. Late nights, mellow spots and good vibes. Big ups to Matt for the support! The stuff featured in this is his Winter 1 drop. Grab those goods here.

    December 11th

    So I was holding off on posting these till just after the Runner Up! Winter ’12 launch…and that happened Sunday. The new set of threads are by far my favorite so far and step up the game a bit. Peep the little lookbook Matt was able to shoot below then hit the webstore and grab some goods! The Silver Metal and Licks pieces are too on point!

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    December 6th

    Matt just sent me over product shots for the Winter 2012 Runner Up! goods. Have to say I’m beyond stoked to see all the stuff he pulled from his brain and am stoked to be repping such a creative brand. He dropped some really original stuff this time around with everything from beanies and a couple hats to keep your head warm to a Rolling Stones play and a cammo button up to keep things original. These pieces are all LIMITED so make sure you hit the online store on the 9th and get what you can before its gone! Most of the pieces are below…with more shots after I get my goods. Peep game!

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    November 23rd

    Spent yesterday with the fams…obviously…so I need to get this up asap! Runner Up got a good sale going today. Not only is it 40% off everything but there’s some exclusive goodies you can snag for free just by buying some threads. Hit the store!


    October 2nd

    Matt shot me a text this morning to let me know that his new Fall 2012 line for Runner Up! dropped. I have one of everything from his last line and you can bet I want all of the most recent as well. Dig that baseball tee a bunch. Peep some flicks of the new goods below and hit the store for more. There’s also a sick commercial he got together in support of his newest threads so check that below too!

    September 8th

    Kevin and I threw this together last night for next weekend’s crit here in sac. Watch as Kev and Kimio hit the course for a lap with Kev coming from behind to win haha. Peep it and jump on the facebook page to rsvp. Its going to be a good time with some good prizes (frame, bag…) and fun afterpaty. Its free and its going to be a damn good time. All the deets are below…

    Presented by Lockedcog, Toro Quality Goods and The Golden Bear. The Discovery Crit is for anyone and everyone who likes to go fast and have fun.

    – 9/15/2012
    – 5 PM
    – Discovery Park
    – Free

    Prizes From:
    Runner Up!
    Chrome Bags
    Toro Quality Goods
    – Lockedcog
    – more to be announced…

    The Golden Bear following the race
    – Race awards and raffle
    – Celebrating four long years of lockedcog and the release of a new and updated website!

    More details in the coming week!

    August 22nd

    My buddy Matt from Runner Up sent this over to me last night. Looks like he’s blowing out some goods to make way for fall. Use the code ENDOFSUMMER till the end of summer…well august ha. Go grab some stuff at 35% off to get you fitted for the rest of these dog days!

    July 19th

    About a month ago a good buddy of mine hit me up about a new project he’d been working on. Having met riding in sac a few years back and filming stuff for the site I was stoked to hear what Matt had going. It turns out that he’d been busy cranking out a slew of fresh products for his new brand Runner Up. He was just about to go live with his website and needed some people for a finishing touch lookbook…of course I was down. Below are some of the joints I wore for the photo shoot, a super sick promo video anddd an old lockedcog edit of us just for the hell of it. Just rolling around town people seemed to be stoked on the designs already so make sure to hop to his new webby to peep the lookbook or grab some product and hit like on the Runner Up Facebook!

    Runner Up from Michael Baca on Vimeo.

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