• kris
    January 6th

    Oh whoa! Pretty gnarly fall right here. Definitely a sweet rail so I hope Alfonso grabs this!

    July 11th

    RYD is stacking up a pretty solid team right now. Picking up kids that want to go out and get it done. Way sick.

    June 5th

    I got to meet the RYD dudes in Milwaukee and have to say they’re pretty stand up peeps. Super nice and definitely stoked to ride bikes. Peep the trip many of us made through their eyes…

    May 19th

    This is another one I meant to get up yesterday…ended up working on my bike for a while and spaced! Cole has been upping his game real quick. Hop bar down that 8 is solid! Making RYD proud I’m sureee…

    April 27th

    Cole Ruffing has been on the up and up for RYD lately. Progressing for sure!