• kris
    April 6th

    A handful of rarities on this Skream Sprint that recently made it’s way onto Saadl. Hailing from Hong Kong, these Skream frames have been popping up all over built proper. Carlo’s here is rocking Rinpoch Hex cranks and Piston Wheels both of which are mostly unseen here stateside. Round it out with a handful of 3T goodies and this thing probably rolls smooth…more here!


    March 23rd

    It looks like Amy Danger has been updating her Saadl profile with all sorts of the purdy rides she’s owned. The Pista Concept has long been one of the more sought after track frames for taking to the streets and this shot is too primo. Those Zipp shoes might not take too kindly to the cobbles and train track but this one comes together real nice!



    March 13th

    With all the wet weather here in California as of late a little color seems to be in order. The backdrop on Martijn’s Koga Senko here pops like no other making this true track machine stand out over on Saadl. Always had a soft spot for the San Marco Zoncolon and those Victoire hubs to Archetypes looks too smooth…



    March 2nd

    The good just keeps on coming over on Saadl with gems like this Watanabe track. An already rare build and presented in all it’s glory by Karateklubb. Pop over for a closer look at Bankiren’s primo NJS build!