• kris
    February 10th

    Some rad stuff dropping tomorrow morning from God & Famous and Road Runner Bags. This collabo has been a long time coming and definitely came out looking real nice. Check back tomorrow for more or hit God & Famous in the AM to swoop!


    April 30th

    This is one of the nicer under saddle bags to drop lately coming all the way from Blue Lug. Dig the shape of these as I’m sure its a bit better of a fit than a tool roll or something more rectangular. The roll on these looks damn good too. Peep them here.



    August 3rd

    Meant to get this one up for the Burro dudes yesterday. Coming through with a nice take on the under the saddle bags. Looks like you can fit a decent amount of stuff into this guy…including a 12oz brew for that mid ride stop. I like that this can be strung around your wait to be used as a hip pouch as well. Check out more flicks and pick up a Grenadier right here!