• kris
    January 10th

    I know there were some rumors about SADIO bouncing around for a bit. With the 2013 line coming into iMiNUSD it looks like they we’re wrong. The whole 2013 line is available at the shop and online so hop on over to the shop to swoop. I see that pro model MTS stem in there thats been in the works for a while. Best looking FGFS stem out? Maybe but regardless that thing is so clean. Looks like some new bar offerings as well as some other stuff available at the iMiNUSD spot as well.


    June 19th

    A day late but still just as good! Ricardo got this bad mamma out there fro Sadio and its a watcher for sure. Looks like he broke his collar bone again so he’ll be waiting to heal up so check this out in the meantime. The last half of the flick is full of big hits! Get better duder…I know the collar bone business is no fun.

    WELCOME TO SADIO – RICARDO LINO from Academia dos Patins on Vimeo.

    May 23rd

    This will probably end up being the best video we see all day! Marco’s intro to the Sadio team with some way sick riding. Lots of linked tricks and fun clips. Seriously a bunch of good stuff in this! Watch and watch again.

    April 16th

    This kid is fire. I’m sure you saw this. Watch it again. Then once more. Seriously. Matt edited. Sadio reppin it.

    February 21st

    You have to know who Dew is by now if you’re doing the fixed freestyle thing. Sadio has one of the best on their squad no doubt! Nice promo here for the Booster setup…check the few clips in there too. Solid!

    June 6th

    Dew is hands down one of my favorite riders as of late. From his last edit to this super solid one he doesn’t disappoint! It’s his birthday but regardless this edit is rediculous! Some of the best bar combos ever and mad bike control. Check this.

    March 14th

    This is without a doubt one of the best web edits ive seen as of late. Dew’s got mad skill for sure and he throws stuff superrr clean. Mike posted this up on Trick Track today and you can bet Ill be watching this a few more time over the course of the day. Sadio is holding down some heavy hitters right now.