• kris
    December 23rd

    Since Phillip posted his first edit FIXIE! six months ago I’ve been stoked on his riding. You can tell he’s really going out and getting things done…over 20 edits in 6 months is pretty major. I dig his style and how fast he’s been getting new tricks down. It’s kind of hard to deny that he’s putting in work for sure. Luckily he’s got a solid filmer and photographer, Sam Clark, helping him put out some quality stuff like the photos you see here. Dynamic duo? Ha. As far as I can tell Phil Will is a humble dude that just loves bikes and I definitely respect that. Most people have seen him on the internets but may not really know who the dude is. Sooo I had a chance to pick his brain this week and this is what I came up with. If you find a stray cat it just might be his girl’s haha. Enjoy!

    1. So who are you? Name, age, location, time riding, pets, favorite color…all the creepy stuff.

    My name is Phillip Williams / SHARK. I am 26 years old. I currently live in a igloo in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

    My lady has 2 cats Mocha and Princess. She also adopted her sister’s cat Chico until she is found…contact me immediately if you have seen her lol.

    I have been fixed for like 9 months now. I ride for Destroy Bikes, Dorcia Distribution, and Ynot.

    2. What got you stoked on riding fixed? How’d you first get into this weird thing we all love?

    I always thought it looked interesting but, I never had the money. Until I got destroyed on my BMX and my back made the decision for me. It was a time for a change I went to a local BMX store in Burlington called JIBS BMX where I work now. My boss was stoked on the idea of it and got me onto a Volume Thrasher. I guess when Burlington came into my life I got my first experience with LOVE and I have been addicted since.

    3. Who’s riding are you the most stoked on right now and why?

    Kyle Messier the owner of THE FIX he is one of my homies and dude simply shreds. Him and I are always thinking of something whether it is different bike set ups or what is possible on a fix.

    4. There’s a pretty good diversity of riding out there these days. What are you more juiced on seeing…style? Tech? Gnar?

    Hmm I guess I could sum that up by saying a couple shredders Kyle Messier, Daniel Torres,

    Kenny Arimoto and GRIME. They keep me inspired and stoked on FGFS.

    5. If you could be any animal what would you be? What kind of activities would you do on the daily? Some Godzilla shit?!

    A Shark… I would be on the hunt for all the haters out there because there are too many in this ocean.

    6. What’s up with your bike? I know you just got something pretty new built up…give us a little run down.

    I just built up the Destroy Masochist this week and honestly it is the best frame I have ridden. The basic reason is it very similar to the Unicorn Killer but, just with a higher top tube which is all I needed since I am tall. Destroy frames feel solid and can hold up to a beating. I need to build up a new wheel set but, haven’t had the time. Wheels suck! I have just been trying to ride with the little bit of warmth we have left.

    Frame: Masochist
    Fork: Volume Thrasher
    Headset: Odyssey
    Stem: Demolition
    Bars: Your Dream
    Grips: Odyssey Cuff links
    Cranks: Wethepeople 175mm
    Sprocket: Eight inch 35T
    Pedals: Animal Hamilton
    Straps: Ynot
    Chain: DK Exo
    Seat: Sadio Grime
    Seat Post: Alienation
    Front Wheel: Halo SAS > Sadio Hub > KHE 2.1
    Rear Wheel: Vintage
    Pegs: Cinema 4140 (Front) Shadow Toxic (Rear)
    Cog: 13T

    7. You’ve been beyond productive since you started putting out edits and such. What keeps you motivated and fending off negativity?

    I would say all of my sponsors, my boss, my homie James and Sam keep me thinking straight because some times the goon wants to come out of me but, I try to look forward and stay positive. I try to express myself through my edits and the songs I choose.

    “Why shoot you a bright future ahead of me, I am already nice trying to make a better me!”
    – Hook from the Chrome entry song

    At the most part I get mad respect from tons of peeps out there who really ride. Too many to give shout outs too!! Like I said before mad respect for everyone who takes the time to check out my edits or hit me up on internet. I try to look at the big picture and let my riding speak for itself. It definitely keeps me progressing and moving forward. Honestly haters keep me motivated because they will always be where they are now no where.

    8. Most people in FGFS come from something else…BMX, skateboarding, roller derby…you do anything else?

    Ahhh nope I have pretty much always ridden a bike in some shape or form.

    9. When you aren’t riding what else are you getting into?

    My life… work, my lady, designing, internet, mossin, hot tubing and figuring when I will be able to ride again.

    10. Top five places you want to visit/ride?

    1. California
    2. Montreal
    3. New York
    4. Europe
    5. Thailand

    11. If you were going to be stranded on an island Castaway status what’s the one thing you’d take with you and why? No bikes allowed :).

    A scooter because I know I would never be bored too much fun.