• kris
    March 18th

    Been a bit since the last #spotlurkin but that’s not to say I haven’t been riding a lot of freestyle. Been working on some cool projects and out riding in new places so here just a few things that managed to get snapped along the way. Gallery after the click and more new FGFS stuff here real soon…


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    March 17th

    Most weekends the girlfriend and I skip town to break up the monotony that is life. Made it down south with the bikes and rolled around Santa Cruz. Played in the sand a bit with my Assassin. Also caught Splash the Boardwalk mascot looking pretty fly…


    May 23rd

    Cool to see Santa Cruz getting a scene…even if kids are riding huge bikes haha. I dig this though and had to look up the word chundled. Haha. Looks fun dudes!