• kris
    October 7th

    Juice Studio has been on a roll with the content out of Sao Paulo. Hard to beat a night ride in the city with the friends. I’ve been thinking of a place to trip to early next year and those street are definitely looking prime…


    December 19th

    For some time now Pablo Gallardo has been holding down the Brazilian urban cycling scene via Tag and Juice. Dude’s dedicated and always working on projects to help grow bike culture in Sao Paulo. He recently linked up with clothing brand Weird Factory and sat down to talk bikes, inspiration and culture. This is a long one and all with subtitles but well worth a look into another part of the world. Some cool shots in the mix too.



    August 7th

    Carina from Sao Paulo sent this over to me over the weekend and it needs some love. I dig getting stuff in my inbox from around the world! This is especially cool as it take a look at Liga Feminino de Bike Polo…or the Female League of Bike Polo down in Brazil. This video came out pretty damn good all around. Filming, editing, angles and music are all prime. Good stuff and thanks for shooting this to me!

    February 23rd

    You can bet we’ll be seeing a ton more polo stuff as the weather warms up. There are plenty of people out there who hit the court all year round but once that sun starts kicking people come out of the woodwork. Check this one from down in Sao Paulo…nicely shot and edited. Weather looks amazing and how cool is that to be able to play in such a busy park?! Dig this. Summer is on its way!