• kris
    March 20th

    Well this is going to be a pretty cool event from the homies at Eighthinch. Their annual Wheel and Sprocket sale is coming up and this year they decided to step up there game and create a rad experience for you. Super cheap deals on completes and conversions plus you can test ride anything they have out there. If you feel like taking it back a bit you can school some peeps on Goldeneye or Mario Cart in the N64 lounge. That alone is sick enough haha. Hit their blog for more!


    November 19th

    Eighthinch is stepping up the Black Friday deals this week and instead cutting prices from now till NEXT Friday. Thats like 11 days. These are for sure the lowest prices you’ll see on gear from these dudes with complete Scramblers for $299 and Butcher frames at just under two bills. Peep all the deals below then hit their store here.

    September 13th

    Here’s a couple things we got for the race this weekend. Eighthinch coming through with a Scrambler frameset and Chrome tossing us a Lieutenant for yall. I’ll have more stuff to post later today!

    August 3rd

    As if Eighthinch wasn’t selling their Scrambler completes cheap enough as it is they’ve cut prices even more for you. For just $329 right now you can snag a complete Scrambler setup and hit the streets. These things come stocked with Eighthinch parts and adding up the retail of everything you’re definitely getting a deal. They’ve also made a nice little video showing you how to get your bike rolling once you get it. Peep that below!

    EighthInch Scrambler Bike Assembly How-To from EighthInch on Vimeo.

    July 30th

    The homies at Eighthinch have long bee supporters of bike polo. Sponsoring events and teams while making polo specific parts like mallets and shafts. They recently covered the NAHBPC in which sponsored team Portland United took fourth. They caught up team member Eric Crandall for a solid video interview about polo and the bikes that the team is riding. The dudes seem to be digging their Scramblers and repping the brand well! It’s no surprise considering how well the polo heads have taken to the Scrambler. I know of at least three people that play regularly here in sac that rock them. Eighthinch stepping up their shooting and editing in this one too!

    May 11th

    Here’s a deal if I’ve seen one! The homies at Eighthinch are bringing you completes of their ever popular Scramblers for just $399. I’ve always had one of these around for at least just riding and even used to ride these for fixed freestyle. Bottom line is these are real nice for the price and if you’re looking from something to cruise around on this will be perfect. I’m actually thinking about grabbing one of the silver on raws for to have…they look real nice. These come in three different color options that all look pretty sick. Grab one over at the Eighthinch store!

    June 22nd

    So I’ve definitely never heard of something like this…super dope! If you want to get a free Eighthinch Scrambler peep this little promo. Get your shop to set up an order with Eighthinch and they get a $50 credit and you get a free V3 Scrambler tossed into their first order. Way sick. Check the details here

    June 9th

    Updated and ready for your eyes from Eighthinch.

    April 7th

    The dudes at Eighthinch have been trying to branch out and get a few more riders under their wing for some time now. They’ve been picking up some solid riders from across the country.. and world!

    The three recent additions are below and are the homie Jeffery Chen, Krystin Blakemore and Hakim. Congrats yall!

    March 22nd

    If youre like me you either dont really care about a few scratches or blems on your bike or youre going to blast it with paint to get it just how you want it. Either way you can snag a complete Scrambler build from Eighthinch for $350 or some deal on other parts in their scratch and dent store. Check it!