• kris
    November 16th

    I was literally just wondering yesterday what DJ has been up to and this dropped. Some good stuff in the mix including some bossy nosies and a huge gap for the ender. Portland has some of the sickest spots if you can deal with all the rainy weather. I’d say its worth it!

    November 2nd

    I popped over to SE after finishing up JC edit and spotted some cool flicks of JD in the Halloween spirit. Here’s one of his spooky double peg and there’s more on Patrick Taber’s flicky.

    October 30th

    SE dropped a couple quality things today about Josh one of which yall can get involved in. First up is his “Allday” white promo which has a nice little ender that I’m sure people will dig. If you got footjams on lock you can try to win a Showtime from SE with a little flick submission on Instagram. Get to it.

    October 20th

    Had some server issues for the past couple days but now we’re back to business. What better way to jump back into it than a super solid one of Congo on his new SE digs. Smooth lines and grind combos that you’ve come to expect from Justin. Good as ever. Dig it.

    October 3rd