• kris
    November 5th

    Looks like Matt shot some photos for SE’s Urban series this year and they came out awesome. The focal point on these flicks is just too purdy. Sure this lens is a pricey piece of glass ($1500?) but you end up with sick shots like the one below that you really without having to mess around in post. Check the rest here!

    February 9th

    New cross bars from SE Bikes! Bars just keep getting higher and higher. I don’t know that I could rock a 5″ set of bars but I know there are some kids out there who will eat these up. Real fresh looking shape on these. Grab em while you can!

    Floval Bars
    – 11 Butted
    – Heat Treated 4130 Cr-Mo
    – Rise: 5”
    – Width: 28”
    – Back Sweep: 8°
    – Upsweep: 2°

    Black: $70
    Chrome: $8

    January 31st

    Matt just posted the first edit from his series documenting the SE road trip in Arizona. He followed Boothby, Gus, DJ, Marwin and Dave Beard around with his cameras making sure we see it all. Stay on him for another 4 edits this week and a recap on monday. Looks like a solid time!