• kris
    October 5th

    Patrick Seabase returns in this quick yet super well edited new piece titled “Grace”. Definitely going for something a bit more artistic with this one but I definitely am digging the cut with the music on this one. Delivering as usual…


    June 4th

    Patrick Seabase teaming up with Red Bull for another epic journey as he tackles the Pyrenees. A 4 A.M. and plenty of climbing ahead had to make revisiting the 1910 Tour de France stage difficult. In the end he triumphed and has the whole trek documented in a cool video bit over on Red Bull!


    May 1st

    After a handful of great pieces it’s no secret that Seabase brings some of the most visually stimulating and inspiring track bits. His most recent takes us back to the Canary Islands for a follow-up to his El Tiedre climb. He switched out the grueling work of a hard climb for scenic views and closer look at the beauty of island. Inspirational no doubt!



    April 15th

    You can always expect amazing stuff when Patrick Seabase clips into his ride. Follow him along the winding roads of Teide for some awesome views of the Canary Island region. Lots to be seen in this long one that’s well worth the click!



    February 14th

    You know this is going to be well worth the watch if Seabase is involved with it! Dude gets to ride some epic spots and make them all look so sick. Eritrea will be no different I’m sure. Can’t wait for the full one of this!