• kris
    November 29th

    Sean Coats everybody. I’m stoked to see him still out there shredding in a sport that seems to cycle through new youngins pretty quickly. He’s down for the cause and rips…also helps that he has a similar style to the kind of stuff i like to do haha. So sickkk with this Balhogs bit. Footplants and weird spots everywhere.

    October 26th

    Its been far too long since the last episode of the Power Hour. Fixie factory goons Antonyo, Coats and Thronton cruise around Long Beach and cause some havoc. Lots of good little tech bits and some style from the dudes.More of disdiq!

    June 4th

    This is a little random but too damn good no to post. Looks like Sean Coat’s bike was snagged and after a 10 minute chase and a stranger with a gun they got it back. So hesh. So sick. Pulled this from Antonyo’s Instagram.

    March 29th

    Sean looking smooth right here in this quick park piece. He doesn’t drop us clips too often but when he does they’re super solid. Good stuff duder!

    February 19th

    Balhogs has some heaters on the crew no doubt. Sean coming with some solid clips in their newest installment. J at BHSK got the jump on this one by a few minutes!

    November 9th

    New stuff from Sean Coats. This is way better than the new Drake album. Haha. Some good hits in here for sure so peep it!