• kris
    December 13th

    Something else to look forward to from Eighthinch is their Pivitol seat and seatpost on its way. The seat is a legit Pivitol seat with a wider profile for us fixed freestyle riders. I’ve run a few different Pivitol seats in the past couple years and usually, though I like them, riding around on them for long periods of time definitely does a number on the ol’ bum. Most Pivitols designed for BMX aren’t meant for sitting on really because…well you don’t really sit down much on a 20 inch. Eighthinch went ahead and made this thing a little more butt friendly and made a 27.2 post to go along with it. You can’t see the post in the picture but it certainly does the job. Digging this seat for its grippy sides for hopping and the grooves under the nose (not pictured!) for toboggans and such.