• kris
    April 21st

    Oh my. I want one of these! It may seem the Turbo craze has died down a bit, especially with all the alternatives available, but i still love the way these seats ride. I could go for that brown leather to be on my Bianchi in a heartbeat. Chari has ’em.

    January 27th

    New for 2011 is the Selle Royal Origins line of vintage inspired/reissue seats. I actually have one of these coming to do a “Testing Testing” on for my Bianchi build. Sadly it came while i was on vacation and got sent back but i should have it again shortly. I was going to wait to post about these but ive seen them popping about the web for a bit already so check ’em! The first one is a handmade leather Contour Royal and is whats going on the Bianchi. The second is the same profile but a microtex version. One of the cooler looking seats to be reissued in a while is the Aero Royal…so sick! Theres a slew of colors so pop over to see what up…

    December 16th

    John was stoked on these when they came out as a super cheap alternative to a vintage or reissue Turbo. It only seems fitting that he would pick this for a saddle collabo. I had one for a while that i rode until it was in pieces. Loved the thing. Way cool to see the viking adorning these…so sick dude!