• kris
    December 20th

    Good god this is some quality stuff right here! This is seriously like a legitimate TV commercial from DK Shop for VAGX. The lighting, colors, music, angles…everything is on point. So sick.

    November 7th

    Seoul got Soul bringing that good good as usual! Some pretty pictures in this one from one of my favorite ongoing series. I’ve acually considered moving to Seoul to teach some English and man does it look good right now. Colors on those trees are so sick! Riding is on point toooo.

    September 19th

    This makes NYC look fun as usual! A nice ride about the city with DK and the Seoul got Soul series. Dig it!

    July 13th

    I love riding across the Williamsburg Bridge when I’m in New York. It’s just such a nice way to enter the city on a bike and it spits you out at a really good spot. Granted, it can get real bad sometimes with the weather but its still dope. Here’s one from DK…nice slow mo heading into Brooklyn. Stoked to see Seoul got Soul still going strong!