• kris
    March 24th

    Constantine Bikes took to the streets of Seoul, Korea for their latest promo piece spotlighting their current track line. They’ve definitely been on the up and up with their media as of late and this look at their hometown is rad. Pop over to check their whole line and stay on their instagram for daily bits to chomp on.




    September 30th

    Take a trip to Seoul’s Unglisan Mountain with State Bicycle and team rider Hacheon Park. Using his dirt ready Warhawk he makes the trek to Sujongsa, one of the areas most renowned temples, for an truly rad adventure!


    November 14th

    A good mix of styles in this new freestyle bit from the SFG crew down in Korea. It’s rare to see full team edits like this and these dudes deliver.


    June 29th

    Good clips and some dope slow mo in this one out of Seoul. Digging this one for some early Sunday inspiration…get out and ride!


    February 21st

    DAMN! I saw the trailer for this last week and knew it was going to be good…but this is on another level. Getting a bunch of heavy machinery to do tricks with is hard enough and the Seoul Fixed Gear crew nailed it with this mix. Those synchronized nose pivots are too rad!



    November 20th

    Sick to see a camera company out at a fixed freestyle event offering some support and coverage. Haven’t really seen anything from iON but this bit from the recent Keep It Trick Jam is pretty solid.




    October 28th

    Looks like the Keep It Trick Jam was a success despite a bit of downpour out of the gate. Spot Seoul covering things well as usual with a bit of the rainy day footage and the real deal redo. Good trick footage but I really dig the idea of the races around the park. Looks rad.



    July 2nd

    A good one out of Seoul right here. Dig seeing some crew edits and this ones has a solid mix of tricks and spots. Seoul is still looking like one of the best places to shred.


    June 22nd

    Some rad street stuff out of Korea from Kim at SpotSeoul. Cameo from Mckeag after that long ass feeble bar. Dig that theres some flatland style in there too.





    May 23rd

    STAY GOLD motion pictures put together this awesome edit with some clipped in fixie fun around town and hilarious stuff on a trick setup. Great advertising and filmed and put together very well!